"i bought a bunch of your first edition pre-order books from vapes.com early and when they sold out i listed them for sale online and sold them for $200 more on ebay"


"The only thing that would have made this better is if the book was a vape. i just love to blow big clouds so much and read at the same time it would really be great to do both at once big time."

Christopher K.

"Man even if this is a scam like I'm pretty sure it is, I still owe Million Dollar Extreme lots of money for all they've done for me so I won't even be mad! Worth it no matter what!"

William G.

"as a low-T cis-het-male, i am constantly worried about having straight children, or the gang rapists down the street thinking i am not progressive enough. but after reading this book (and buying bulk water filters) I can now proudly tell my wifes son that the reason i am afraid of his real dad isn't because he;s black, it's because of his forehead tatoo that says MURDERLIFE420"


"I feel like this shirt is half art piece, half cry-for-help."

Anthony Fantano

"This is an amazing part of American culture. It's provocative, colorful, relevant, and a down right hilarious commentary of American society."

George H.

"MDE changed my life. Everything I thought I knew was a lie. (Globalists) are trying to destroy our people through race war and MKULTRA techno terror. I quit law enforcement two weeks ago, and I begun spending all of my money on AR-15s, bullets. and canned food. Those bastards aren't gonna fuck my wife! THANK YOU MDE for writing this prophetic tome and THANK YOU VAPES.COM for recognizing the future."


"I just wanted to say thank you for the stickers you guys sent me. They were really cool. I was surprised by the rare vape pepe sticker I got. I haven't felt that happy since opening pokemon red version on christmas of '97. Rad. Thanks for being legit. Thanks for the shirts and hat."

Matt. R

"Fema camp reptillian lizard god! Here is my financial sacrifice to you since you will probably not take the blood of my first born child. God bless."

Andrew P.