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Chamonix Antiques Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Chamonix Antiques Long Sleeve T-Shirt

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Let everyone know how rich in culture you are with a *Chamonix Antiques* Shirt Long Sleeve Edition. You get it, your a big wheel swinging dick. French art glass?? What like Lalique yeah I know that. I buy art from broke baby boomers that couldn't wrangle their drinking over the years and are ready to take a beating on a nice collection. Oh and I buy sterling an investment you shithead. These are the things you can now spout because you own this shirt. Get ready because the offers are going to come rolling in. Have you ever bought a shirt that makes you money? This shirt is better than the one that says I suck cock for 40. It'll be a better play to the big bucks trust me. And it's nice having a direct line to the big guys at Pawn Stars, but better.

  • Printed in USA on safety orange long sleeve
  • Gildan 5400
  • By Pawn Stars Printing, Inc. for
    Chamonix Antiques, a Providence antique shop

"I'll put it like this, don't buy it and go fuck yourself. Cheers." - Uncle Nick Rochefort